How Electric Forklift Training Can Reduce Forklift Truck Accidents

Studies have shown that 1 of accidents within a factory involve electric forklifts. Many of these accidents can be easily avoided. Companies that reduce the number of forklift incidents will save money on employee lawsuits and expensive insurance policies like motor trade road risk insurance.When using a moffett haulage company, they will have forklifts readily available to use, so being trained with this vehicle will safeguard your business.

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How to Prevent Forklift Truck Accidents

Listed below are some precautionary measures companies can take to prevent forklift accidents.

1. Limit the Speed of the Machine

Controlling the speed of the forklift will ensure that the driver can move around in the factory safely. As forklifts are not designed to stop immediately, drivers need extra time to react to potential hazards. Most companies do not allow their drivers to driver faster than 8 miles per hour. If pedestrians are present, the recommended speed is 3 miles per hour.

2. Use Warning Equipment

Every forklift should be fitted with a horn. The driver of the vehicle should also be taught how monitor the course when the machine is moving. If the driver encounters a hazard, he or she should sound the horn. This will encourage people to move out of the forklift's way. The horn is especially useful when people are in the driver's blind spot. It is worth noting that some companies expect their drivers to sound the horn as soon as they have started driving.

3. Get Professional Training for Drivers

Businesses that can afford to do so should send their drivers on forklift training courses. These courses teach drivers how to spot and avoid hazards. The more training new drivers have, the more confident they will be in the factory. Many forklift courses also offer drivers certification.

4. Get a Suitable Insurance Policy

No matter how hard one tries to avoid accidents, the occasional mishap will occur. Businesses need to protect their interests in the event of a workplace accident. There are several costs associated with work related injuries. Some of these are listed below.

- Lawsuit settlements between employers and employees.

- The cost of repairing or replacing damaged forklifts andor items in the warehouse.

- The medical costs incurred by employees who were injured in the accident.

- The cost of hiring temporary workers while the forklift driver is off work recovering from his or her injury.

- Hiring health and safety consultants to analyze the factory and make recommendations.

- If an accident is especially bad, the factory may have to shut down until the building is cleaned andor machines are repaired.

Having insurance is the only way to prevent the company from losing large amounts of money. In some cases, accidents result in the company spending thousands of dollars on repairing damage and putting prevention measures in place.

Forklifts are essential in the day to day running of a factory. Unfortunately, they can cause injury and damage if they run into people or objects. Luckily this scenario can be avoided by hiring qualified staff to drive the machines. These staff members will be able to avoid hazards and let others in the factory know when a forklift is approaching them.